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  • What are the operational hours of OPERA?

    • OPERA is available from Mondays to Saturdays except between 4am and 6am Singapore Time (GMT +8).

  • Do I need special training to use OPERA?

    • The system is designed to be intuitive and easy to use. The screens will guide you on what to do. As such, special training is not required.
    • If you run into any difficulty, you may call the MASNET Helpdesk here

  • How do I make payment in OPERA?

    • OPERA operates eNETS Credit as online payment services.
    • eNETS Credit is an online credit card payment gateway, operated by NETS, that allows you to pay for bills, goods and services online using your VISA/MASTERCARD credit card.please go to eNET website for detail:

  • How do I request for a refund if duplicate payment was made on OPERA?

    • If you have made a duplicate payment, please send an email to with supporting documents (e.g. an extract of your credit card statement) to request for a refund. An MAS officer will contact you to assist in the refund.