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Lists of restricted collective investment schemes

Restricted schemes notified from
1 Oct 2009

CISNet Operating Hours

CISNet is available from Mondays to Saturdays except between 4am and 6am Singapore Time (GMT +8).

About CISNet

CISNet is an online notification system that allows fund managers or their appointed agents to notify the MAS of their intention to offer collective investment schemes (otherwise known as "restricted schemes") to accredited investors and other investors under section 305 of the Securities and Futures Act and the 6th Schedule of the Securities and Futures (Offers of Investments) (Collective Investment Schemes) Regulations.

CISNet also allows fund managers or their agents to update information on restricted schemes, make annual declarations and notify MAS of the termination of offers of such schemes. Once the notification of a scheme has been successfully processed, the name of the scheme and its manager will be published on the List of Restricted Schemes. These particulars will also be updated as and when relevant updates are provided to CISNet.

Fund managers or their agents will pay for their transactions online using credit cards.



Change in CISNet website URL

We would like to inform you that the CISNet website URL will be changed to https://eservices.mas.gov.sg/cisnet with effect from 25 Sep 2017. You may wish to update your bookmark to the new URL as you will not be able to access the CISNet website after 01 Nov 2017.

Scheduled Maintenance

CISNet would not be available on 25 March 2017 from 12am to 2am (GMT+8) due to a scheduled maintenance.