Table I.5A Commercial Banks: Loans and Advances of DBUs to Non-Bank Customers by Industry


NoTitleTypeUnit Of MeasureDescription
1Total Loans and Advances including Bills FinancingNumeric (General)S$ Million 
2Loans to Businesses - TotalNumeric (General)S$ Million 
3Loans to Businesses - Agriculture, Mining and QuarryingNumeric (General)S$ Million 
4Loans to Businesses - ManufacturingNumeric (General)S$ Million 
5Loans to Businesses - Building and ConstructionNumeric (General)S$ MillionNote: Includes loans to building and building co-operative societies, building developers and real estate agents.
6Loans to Businesses - General CommerceNumeric (General)S$ Million 
7Loans to Businesses - Transport, Storage and CommunicationNumeric (General)S$ Million 
8Loans to Businesses - Business ServicesNumeric (General)S$ Million 
9Loans to Businesses - Financial InstitutionsNumeric (General)S$ MillionNote: Includes loans to special purpose vehicles for the purpose of covered bond issuances. Refer to Table I.5C for such loans, published with effect from 28 February 2018.
10Loans to Businesses - Professional and Private Individuals (Business Purposes)Numeric (General)S$ MillionNote: Data prior to March 2004 refer to total loans to Professional and Private Individuals (PPI) as there is no breakdown of the data into loans to PPI by business purposes and consumer loans.
11Loans to Businesses - OthersNumeric (General)S$ MillionNote: Data prior to March 2004 includes that of Business Services.
12Consumer Loans - TotalNumeric (General)S$ Million 
13Consumer Loans - Housing and Bridging LoansNumeric (General)S$ Million 
14Consumer Loans - Professional and Private Individuals - Car LoansNumeric (General)S$ Million 
15Consumer Loans - Professional and Private Individuals - Credit CardsNumeric (General)S$ Million 
16Consumer Loans - Professional and Private Individuals - Share FinancingNumeric (General)S$ Million 
17Consumer Loans - Professional and Private Individuals - OthersNumeric (General)S$ Million