Table I.3C Commercial Banks: Liabilities of DBUs


NoTitleTypeUnit Of MeasureDescription
1Total LiabilitiesNumeric (General)S$ Million 
2Capital and ReservesNumeric (General)S$ Million 
3Deposits of Non-Bank Customers - TotalNumeric (General)S$ MillionNote: Excludes non-bank customers' holdings of S$NCDs.
4Deposits of Non-Bank Customers - Demand DepositsNumeric (General)S$ Million 
5Deposits of Non-Bank Customers - Fixed DepositsNumeric (General)S$ Million 
6Deposits of Non-Bank Customers - Savings DepositsNumeric (General)S$ Million 
7Deposits of Non-Bank Customers - Other DepositsNumeric (General)S$ Million 
8Amounts Due to Banks - TotalNumeric (General)S$ Million 
9Amounts Due to Banks - In SingaporeNumeric (General)S$ Million 
10Amounts Due to Banks - ACUsNumeric (General)S$ Million 
11Amounts Due to Banks - Outside SingaporeNumeric (General)S$ MillionNote: Prior to March 2004, data includes Asian Currency Units
12Other LiabilitiesNumeric (General)S$ MillionNote: From March 2004, other liabilities include accumulated depreciation for fixed assets and S$NCDs issued.
13S$NCDs IssuedNumeric (General)S$ Million