Goods & Services Inflation Calculator

To find out how much an item that costs $x in one year (Year 1) would cost in another year (Year 2), please follow the procedures below:

1. Select desired category using the options menu.
2. Enter the two years over which you wish to make the comparison: Year 1 and Year 2.
3. Enter "AMOUNT" in Year 1.
4. Click compute.

The answer will appear in gold on the screen.

# Price data for the Transport and Communication categories are only available from 1983 onwards.

Please fill in the options below:
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Amount : S$
A "basket" of goods and services that costs S$ x in the selected category in Year 1 would cost S$ Answer in Year 2.
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Percentage Change : ?
Compound Average Annual Rate of Inflation: ?
CPI for Year 1 : ?
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