Reporting of Regulatory Breaches or Misconduct

MAS’ role as the financial services sector regulator is to supervise financial institutions for compliance with MAS’ laws and regulatory instruments. We look into matters of supervisory concern, such as violations of our rules and regulations, and breaches of relevant codes of practice and guidelines.

MAS is unable to handle disputes between you and your financial institution. These include matters relating to financial institutions’ commercial decisions, service issues, contractual agreements and monetary claims. For such disputes, you may wish to lodge a complaint directly with the financial institution. If you are still unable to resolve the matter with the financial institution, you may consider contacting the Financial Industry Disputes Resolution Centre Ltd (FIDReC) for assistance. FIDReC specialises in the resolution of disputes between financial institutions and their customers. For more details on what you can do or who you can turn to for help if you have a problem with a financial product or the service standards of a financial institution, you can refer to "Resolving a dispute with a financial institution".

If you wish to report regulatory breaches or misconduct by a financial institution or its representative (e.g. a financial advisory representative), please complete this online form. MAS will follow up with the relevant parties where necessary. However, we will not be able to share the information on our supervisory dealings with the parties concerned as these are confidential.

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If you have provided consent for MAS to forward your feedback to the financial institution, we will ask the financial institution to reply to you within 14 working days, with a copy extended to MAS.

If you do not give your consent, we will not do so. Instead, we will take your feedback into account in our overall supervision of the financial institution.

Please note that while MAS assists in raising consumer feedback and complaints to the respective financial institutions, consumers remain responsible for their statements.